Accessible home builder Adelaide

A welcoming living environment, no matter your requirements

At Deni Homes, our team has the skills and expertise to create thoughtful spaces for those living with disabilities, or who plan on living in their own homes as they grow older. Planning accessibility into your home design means you won’t need to perform extensive modifications down the track as your requirements change.

Accessible home builders Adelaide

Turning your plans
into reality

When it comes to building an accessible home, it can be hard to balance practical requirements with beautiful design. Our team are the experts in building homes that enhance your life, promote wellbeing and allow you to fully participate in your local community.

We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship, implementing regular checks and inspections throughout our process to ensure your home is completed to the highest standards. To find out more about how we design, plan and construct your home, read through the overview of our building process.

The highest standards
of accessible building

Our homes are designed, built and certified by Livable Housing Australia (LHA) which ensures that we meet strict standards throughout our design and construction process. LHA certification checks that your home is built with features that support your individual needs, such as:

  • A safe, continuous and step-free path from the street into your home
  • Wide doorways and corridors to move between spaces
  • An easy-to-access toilet on the ground level
  • Recessed lights for visibility
  • Solid internal doors
  • Soundproofing

We have also adopted all of the mandatory accessibility standards laid out in the National Construction Code. We are proud to contribute to these recent changes which increase the stock of accessible housing and increase the overall quality of life for many of our clients.

Accessible Homes Builders in Adelaide
Accessible Homes Adelaide
Accessible Home Builder Adelaide
Accessible Homes Adelaide

Talk to us about our accessible home building process

If you’re looking for a home builder who takes the time to truly understand your unique requirements for your accessible home, make sure you contact our expert team.