Accessible Housing

Our vision is a future where people with disabilities have a real choice about where they live, whom they live with and where housing options are tailored to meet their goals, needs and aspirations.

Most adults with a disability want to live independently in the community, either by themselves or sharing a home with friends. Families share this ambition.

Almost 70% of people with a disability known to Human Services live either with family or friends, or in a Supported Independent Living. And sadly, some young people with disability are living in nursing homes.

Having choice and control about where and with whom someone with a disability can live, lays the foundations for them to have independence in other aspects of their life.

When planning and realising an accessible living design, the focus falls not only on creating a welcoming living environment but also on tailoring the home to the day-to-day requirements of those with or without disabilities to offer a high quality of life in every living situation. Customised solutions for happy, carefree living also allows those of aging in place to continue living in their own homes as they enter later life


We want to build homes people with disabilities dream of, the home that has been coming together in their imagination for years, the backdrop of their future memories. And we want to build it well, at a price that is affordable. This is the idea that drives our work, and the reason we set our standards high. During construction, we use dependable building materials and implement a building process that features several checkpoints and inspections. All of our properties must meet strict standards and performance levels are applied to all new dwellings.


All of our homes are designed and built with wide doorways, non step thresholds, recessed lights, solid internal doors, soundproofing and to suit individual needs. Assistive technology ensures that residents can enjoy their independence and privacy, while still having access to 24-hour on-call support if required.


We want to be known for putting quality and style to disability housing. Our goal is to provide housing for all people regardless of age, sex or disability enhancing their health wellbeing and participation in the community.

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